Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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The team at Speedway Australia recently travelled to Bega’s Sapphire Speedway to complete an inspection of the venue in order to ensure its compliance with current safety standards, and the track certainly impressed, passing its inspection with flying colours.

Located in the Bega Valley on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, the 542 metre country track prides itself on being one of the finest speedway venues Australia has to offer, and following their recent visit, it was clear that the Speedway Australia representatives agreed.


Not only was the team pleased with Sapphire Speedway’s facilities and safety measures, the team were also quick to note the various other features which allow spectators to enjoy a night at the speedway in comfort, such as the sloped lawn area for spectator vehicles. Fans can also get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes by means of the featured class’s pit area being visible to visitors.

“It was fantastic to meet the Speedway Australia team and welcome them to our track,” commented Sapphire Speedway President Daryl Moon.

“They do a really great job of communicating with country tracks, along with the larger ones, and it was pleasing to hear that Sapphire continues to measure up not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of current facilities and spectator comfort.”

The Sapphire Speedway committee is looking forward to the upcoming 2017-18 season and is dedicated to providing fans with entertaining and competitive racing throughout each meeting.

To find out more about Sapphire Speedway, visit their website at www.sapphirespeedway.org.au, call them on 0409 721 620 or LIKE them on Facebook by searching Sapphire Speedway.

Sapphire Speedway 2017-18 Season Schedule:
October 14
Compact Speedcars, Super Sedans and Sedans (all classes)
November 4
Sedans (all classes) and Vintage (Super Modifieds, Sprintcars)
January 6
Compact Speedcars (Memorial Meeting), Microsprints, AMCA Nationals, Speedway Karts and Sedans (all classes)
January 27
Sedans (all classes)
March 3
Vintage (Super Modifieds, Sprintcars), Legend Cars and Sedans (all classes)
March 17
Super Sedans and Sedans (all classes)
May 12
Super Sedans, Legend Cars, Sedans (all classes) and Vintage (Sprintcars)


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