Ayden Elliott and Victorian Compact Speedcar Title podium finishes are now becoming quite a trend, following his third-place finish in last Saturday night’s 2018-19 season running of the event at Wangaratta City Speedway.

The journey back into competitive racing was certainly a challenging once for Bruce Adams, following a motorcycle accident back in 2010 which left him with significant injuries, but it’s a journey that has well and truly paid off, with the determined racer having gone from strength to strength.

The NSW Compact Speedcars last Saturday night at the Picton Antill Country Golf Club wrapped up what has been a pleasing 2017-18 season with their annual awards night.

To say that Mark Heaton was against the odds in the Australian Compact Speedcar Championship at Rushworth Speedway recently would be an understatement, but that didn’t stop the determined racer from coming away with a pleasing runner-up finish on the podium.